XO Asian Cuisine–Grand Rapids, Michigan

XO Asian Cuisine

XO Asian Cuisine

It’s been often said one can make a meal out of appetizers and that is exactly what I did. I was quite overwhelmed by the vast array of cuisine from very different Asian countries. Of course it was to be expected with a name like Asian Cuisine but each Asian country has different cuisine in their own regions, I didn’t know if I’d get a good sampling. Even in the United States, foods are more popular in certain regions than others. An example would be grits; you usually think of that as a Southern food.

So, I went with what I knew. I got a Thai dish, a Japanese dish, and a Chinese dish. My friend who was with me got an Thai curry.

I had steamed dumplings, chicken satay, and miso soup which all arrived at the same time as they all came off the appetizer menu. My friend had the Panang curry.

I started with the miso soup which was overflowing with seaweed and tofu. I strongly dislike tofu but for the small pieces usually found in miso, I will suffer for the cause. I love miso soup but I have always had an aversion to tofu. Nothing has changed this even after years of having tofu as one of the dishes served at home. This amount of tofu was unlike any I had seen before at other Japanese restaurants even when I’ve been in Japan. But the soup was still good. It’s exactly what everyone needs on a cold day when chicken soup has become too boring and cliched.

I grew up eating steamed dumplings and my favorite dumplings to this day are from a street vendor in an outdoor market in Hsinchu, Taiwan. However, these steamed dumplings could be a contender amongst other steamed dumplings I’ve had in the United States. The main difference between the ones served in the US and the ones in Taiwan are the choice of vegetables in the dumplings. The vegetables in Taiwan had a stronger flavor.

I finished off with the chicken satay. You have two elements here that must word together–chicken and peanut sauce. I thought the peanut sauce was a welcome edition to the dried, toughly-coated chicken. Unfortunately, the peanut sauce was not enough to save the overcooked chicken.

Fortunately, my friend liked the chicken and its coating which was probably due to being overcooked–cooked one day and then cooked again the next–and disliked the peanut sauce. So I had a bite of his Panang curry dish was delicious and the amount of spices and coconut were just right. Some people either love coconut or hate it. I don’t think there’s an in between. I loved it and if you’re used to having Indian curries, try this Thai curry at XO.

Overall, for the price, you won’t be disappointed. A majority of the dishes are wonderful and a vast spread to keep everyone’s palate entertained. I give this restaurant three sporks.


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