The Green Well

My first trip to this restaurant left me feeling like I just wasted my money at a glorified greasy spoon. However, the online menu was just too tempting, I thought I’d give it another try–just avoid the mac & cheese.

I failed to listen to my friend on my first visit but since my pick was so terrible, I thought I would listen to him. Ideally, a restaurant should have no bad menu items. I had the salmon two ways at his suggestion. One piece of salmon was grilled; the other piece of salmon was cured. It came with a Quinoa and vegetable salad with herb vinaigrette. Both pieces of salmon were cooked too perfection–the two cooking methods brought out the flavor of the fish neither being overprepared or oversalty. Despite being on the small plate menu, the salmon two ways was more filling than the other small plates I had on previous visits.

I finished the meal off nicely with a chocolate mousse that was rich and creamy but not overindulgent. The garnish of blueberries made the mousse a less guilty pleasure.

Overall, I would give The Green Well 4 sporks.


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