Tokyo Restaurant–Petoskey, Michigan

Tokyo Restaurant is out of place in Petoskey. The food is out of place as well; it’s not some Americanized Japanese food for the ignorant. The Japanese food at Tokyo Restaurant is authentic and appetizing.For starters, I had pieces of unagi (eel) sushi roll. It had a texture that was new to this palate that is rather acquired. Imagining an eel and it’s ugly face makes the roll taste less edible. The unagi has tuna like toughness; the unagi was overpowering in comparison to the vinegar sticky rice found below the slice of unagi. This is a dish to try once if you’ve never had unagi. It’s a restaurant to go to again, but on your second visit, pass on the unagi.I followed my unique starting dish with chicken katsu, a Japanese twist on an American favorite: fried chicken. The results are quite different; southern fried chicken is overly greasy but delicious. Chicken katsu is a less greasy version of fried chicken with a breaded crust. This chicken katsu was not overly greasy with the chicken very moist. For an ethnic restaurant in the small town of Petoskey, Tokyo Restaurant has it all. The food is delicious and there is a wide spread of traditional Japanese dishes on the menu. If you’re from the big city and visiting this quaint northern Michigan town, go to Tokyo Restaurant and you’ll forget you’re in a small town of little diversity. The food is as good as any Japanese restaurant in a big city; the owners are a nice couple from a small city in Japan. Overall, I’d give this place four sporks.


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