The Chophouse–Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Chophouse treats each cut of meat with delicate care as it deserves, cooked perfectly and each bite is a divine dream–tender and melting in the mouth. The service is superb and separating each aspect of a dinner service would not do this restaurant justice. As soon as I ordered and specified that I wanted my meat cooked medium rare, the waitress defined my order to ensure my meal would arrive to my liking.

I took my friend to The Chophouse for his birthday. I walked in and there was a hostess and a woman at coat check. I worry I will be too cold in the restaurant even though I rarely put my coat on but I gave my coat to the woman at coat check. The table we were seated at had utilized a booth as seating and the hostess took extra care to make sure my friend eased into his seat instead of getting caught on the chairs. It is the great care of this restaurant that I remember. I can never forget the flavor of food but service that is just as memorable is amazing.

My friend ordered the 11 oz. fillet mignon medium-rare and I ordered the 15 oz. New York strip medium. Both were quite pink–appropriately so. The meat was juicy and each bite tasted a chewy like bubble gum in a good way as it was pleasant to chew and melted in my mouth like cotton candy. To accompany the steaks, my friend and I ordered the garlic smashed potatoes that had the right amount of garlic and was smashed to a mashed potato pulp and enough butter to call it perfect.

After polishing off a 15 oz. steak, I still wanted to make sure my friend got his birthday dessert. The desserts are served in the cigar lounge downstairs called La Dolce Vita. My friend and I were escorted downstairs as reservations are often needed to find room in this cozy atmosphere. My friend and I had the couch by the fake fireplace. (More on La Dolce Vita later.)

Once we ate dessert, we walked back upstairs for our coats and to brave the cold. Our server at The Chophouse helped us each into our coats like a valet and we were on our way out in the cold and to digest the best steak dinner in Grand Rapids. Plus, since it was his birthday, the food bill was 50% off. You must show your ID to get the discount. The Chophouse is stiff competition for any other steakhouse in town.


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