Sushi for One?

Sushi for One?

Sushi for One?

I am a fan! Sushi for everyone! This book is fabulous. Sushi for One? by Camy Tang is the first book in the Sushi Series. This series focuses on four cousins: Lex, Trish, Jennifer, and Venus.

Sushi for One? tells about Lex’s struggle to fit into her family’s ideals, especially her grandmother’s. Her grandmother threatens her. If Lex doesn’t find a boyfriend in time for her cousin’s wedding, her grandmother will cut off the support to the girls’ volleyball team Lex coaches. If she’s not defending her actions, she’s defending her faith. But Lex is a strong, sassy woman who stands strong for what she believes. Her interactions with her family are thoroughly entertaining.

This book recounts my life story. So if you think my About section is bland, read this book. It will give you a glimpse into my life, practically word for word, only I’m horrible at volleyball.

I finished this book two nights ago and as soon as I finished it, I picked up the second book in the series, Only Uni


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