Restaurant Bloom

Restaurant Bloom is a breath of fresh air in Grand Rapids. Restaurant Bloom serves progressive american fare focusing on local, high quality organic produce. The menu consists of classics plated with a twist and new adventurous pairings.

I have been to Bloom twice but the second time was the most memorable. Tuesday at Bloom is the “What Chefs Eat” menu. It is a $20 3-course meal with a starter, main course, and dessert.

I started with the clams and chorizo. If you’ve never had clams or chorizo, this is the perfect dish. Chorizo is a spice and smokiness did not overpower the subtle but distinct flavor of clams. Then the main course was a grilled walleye. The walleye was cooked with the skin on which kept its delicate flavoring and the sauce paired with it was a great complement. In fact, I loved it so much I wanted bread to sop it all up.

I sampled the pork as I was with a friend and it was very moist.

Then the third course was named chocolate cover strawberries which was deceptive. Chocolate was plated in the middle while the strawberries were fanned out around the chocolate. It was not a chocolate like your average Hershey’s. It was a slight colored and flavored milk chocolate that was more like a gelatin. It was the healthier version of the classic. Then my friend got the s’mores which had no second graham cracker top like the campfire favorite. But that didn’t matter. It was plated so beautifully and look so appetizing that I pulled the first s’more off her plate before she had a chance and before I took a picture. Oops.

Overall, I’d say if you didn’t go to Bloom, you’d be missing. I give this 3-course $20 meal four sporks. So visit Restaurant Bloom on 40 Monroe Center for fantastic food with a healthy kick.


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