Cherry Deli & Catering–Grand Rapids, Michigan

Five minutes from home there is this ambitious deli with a menu of more than fifty sandwiches and salads. You’d be hard pressed to find a combination of delicious meats, fish, and vegetables that you did not like. But even so if you can’t find something off the menu, they will make it for you. Everyday they make soup fresh to serve.

The butternut squash bisque is sweet and smooth with a beautiful orangish-yellow hue. The white chicken chili is a specialty of the place though it’s too thick.

The sandwiches are categorized according to the main substance in it whether it is corned beef, turkey, chicken, seafood, roast beef, or vegetarian. The ingredients are very fresh and locally bought however, the bread is easily broken due to the strain of the meat and liquid. If you want a variety, come here and you will never be out of things to order.

But be prepared to wait in line especially on Saturday. Service is slow but the staff is accommodating. There’s plenty of room inside to eat but this is a great takeout place. I give this neighborhood deli three sporks.


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