Grand Central Market–Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Central Market is not just a market despite its name. This market serves quality sandwiches and wraps with fresh ingredients and unique sandwich names like the Lady London and the PJ Mullin. The market is obviously a market with their fridges packed with beer and shelves lined with quality chocolate from Vosges with produce as well. But to your left upon entering there is the deli counter where you can get a filling meal for under $7.

I have been there a number of times and my favorite sandwiches have been the Besto Pesto (chicken with pesto), Turkey Day (turkey sandwich with sweet potato mayo on cranberry walnut bread), and Lady London (roast beef with onion and a garlic mayo). There’s a great selection of vegetarian sandwiches and sandwiches can be offered in whole or half sizes.These sandwiches are hearty and healthy made-to-order with fresh ingredients.

While you’re waiting for your sandwich or wrap to be made, check out the beer selection, produce, and fine chocolates.

If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite and do some grocery shopping, this place is it. The only thing you can’t find at this establishment is the four sporks it deserves.


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