The Book that Changed My Life: Clutter’s Last Stand

Clutter's Last Stand

Clutter's Last Stand

Amy is one of the bloggers I send my company’s books to. We have corresponded through work e-mail but I got to “meet” her on Twitter. She wanted guest bloggers for her blog so I jumped at the chance. Here’s her website: If you want to see my picture and learn more about me in the bio I posted, you’ll go to her blog. Otherwise, read on!

I hate clutter. Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett gave me hope. As a businessman, my father would bring home knick knacks from all over the world. The souvenirs were beautiful mementos from his travels and yet once they found their place on the shelf, they would sit there and gather dust.

When we were selling the house to move to Taiwan, the realtor said the house looked very lived in. Her tone of voice made it clear that was bad. It was an expensive nightmare moving a family of four’s earthly possessions thousands of miles away.

So I decided then to carry no clutter—a daunting task.

Aslett’s 260-page, 16-chapter book is filled with anecdotes and instructions on how to rid your life of clutter. Practically speaking, Aslett instructs the reader to get three garbage bags and a box. The three garbage bags are for: junk, charity, and sort. The box is for emotional withdrawal. The junk and charity bags are to be thrown or given away. The sort bag is to be kept and sorted in a month and the emotional withdrawal box will be thrown away if an item is not used for six months.

That is nothing new to this reader but what I found refreshing was how Aslett explained his logic behind removing clutter from lives. I will save time because I will have less clutter to clean. I will save money from buying cleaning supplies to clean the clutter. I will save money not buying clutter.

Since reading Clutter’s Last Stand, I do a mental inventory of my belongings. I do not buy an item if I already have one or if I am unsure of how many I have. I feel pounds lighter and I can see the floor when I do not have clutter on the ground. If you are a pack rat, reading this book will turn you into a trash man eliminating your home of unnecessary waste. If you think you have an excuse for keeping all that baggage, as Aslett writes in chapter two, he has 101 feeble excuses for hanging on to clutter that he will rebut. Pick up your copy today and make this Clutter’s Last Stand.



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4 responses to “The Book that Changed My Life: Clutter’s Last Stand

  1. Bravo! Excellent review, and very refreshing blog…I’m bookmarking you for future visits:-)

  2. stopping by to say hi! i’m sure i’ll be back lol

  3. NICE blog ya got going on here, Jean! First time visitor, followed you over here from My Friend Amy’s Blog. I’ll be sure & stop back from time to time.

    Marvin blogs at FREE SPIRIT:
    Eye Twitter 2 –

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