Living Water


Living Water

Living Water

Living Water by Brother Yun and translated by Paul Hattaway is an encouraging story from a humble man filled with facts and lessons. Brother Yun shares his life story and injects in the rest of the book lessons in living a Christian life.  


The book was inspiring but I have to say truthfully, I was more fortunate to meet the man and hear his story in person. There’s nothing like it. I even got to chat with him for a bit while he was in Grand Rapids on tour. In fact, he approached me. I was about 25 feet away from him walking slowly because I don’t approach many “celebrities” or ever bother talking to them and I’ve encountered quite a few. I didn’t know if it was appropriate to speak with him or if I would have anything to say. Before I was anywhere near him, he screamed in Chinese, “You’re Chinese!” He was so excited. I found out later that as an exile, he feels blessed every time he sees a Chinese person. 

When I chatted with him, he spoke to me like a concerned father. I’d rather not share what he said. But I must say that if you ever get the chance to hear him speak, take the time to do so.



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3 responses to “Living Water

  1. Have you read Heavenly Man? How does this compare to that?

  2. Madeleine

    I have just begun reading Heavenly Man so I can’t comment on it. However, Living Water is considered a companion book to Heavenly Man.

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