Kerbey Lane Café–Austin, Texas

It’s 2 AM and you’re hungry. Where in the state’s capital can you find a delicious, nutritious meal? Kerbey Lane Café is located in northwest Austin on the lane it is named for. This cozy-looking house with a wheelchair accessible ramp has phenomenal homecooking inside to match its decor. Photographs and paintings decorate the wall waiting for a buyer.

The exterior is homey but the interior shows the eclectic flavor of the restaurant. Rotating photographs and paintings display different styles of art. The waitstaff is friendly and represents the style of Austin where t-shirts say, “Keep Austin weird; support your local businesses.”

On my visit, after a flight in from Grand Rapids, MI at 9 PM, I had the pecan crusted pork tenderloin medallions, red bell pepper and peach vinaigrette. It was served on a bed of braised spinach with a side of garlic mashed potatoes for $9.50. Everything was cooked to perfection. The pecan crusted pork was tender and succulent and the peach vinaigrette complemented the flavors of the pork. The vegetables were fresh with the red bell peppers just cooked lightly enough to still be crunchy while the spinach was perfectly wilted to taste. The mashed potatoes were creamy–noticeably garlic-flavored but not overpowering. For dessert I had the Italian cream cake and it was huge and easily shared with another person. The cream cheese icing was perfectly frosted, not over powering the cake with sweetness and the cake was delectably moist. If you’ve never had Italian cream cake, try some with at this establishment for only $4.75.

There are also three other locations: South Lamar, Research Blvd, and The Drag (Guadalupe). I would definitely venture out to Kerbey Lane but with so many locations, there’s bound to be one near you. My personal favorite will always be the original on Kerbey Lane. After all, you should never have a hard time getting seated; the restaurant’s 24-7.


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