Flip Happy Crêpes–Austin, Texas

A trailer and picnic tables, some covered, and you’ve got Flip Happy Crepes. Flip Happy Crepes is housed in a trailer home located in south Austin on Jessie St. It’s a block away from a trailer park that just closed but tucked away from other restaurants. You don’t need anything else to enjoy yourself at this casual outdoor restaurant. The smell will bring you in and the crêpes . My friends,identical twins Melissa and Chrissy, and I sat outside enjoying our crêpes on a beautiful August day.

Chrissy had the special of the day, Moroccan crêpe with chicken and roasted peppers. It was large and rich with a hot kick and definitely filling. In fact, any crêpe at Flip Happy Crêpes is enough for a meal and for the lighter eaters, two. The Moroccan sounded delicious on paper but it wasn’t my favorite. My favorite was Melissa’s ham and gruyere cheese and green onions ($6.25).

In fact, I have friends in Austin after living there for almost a decade but I think the ham and gruyere cheese with green onions is just as good a reason to go back to the unbearable heat that is Austin. Two months later, I am still dreaming about these ham and gruyere crepes. Almost as good was the crepe that I ordered, shredded pork with carmelized onions and gruyere ($6.75) but I was mistakenly given the shredded pork w/cheddar cheese, pickles and tabasco sauce ($6.25). If you’re a fan of unique crêpes with a powerful kick of tabasco, go for the shredded pork w/cheddar cheese, pickles and tabasco sauce. It is an unheard of combination for this foodie. Of course growing up, I thought of crêpes as a dessert, so you can not leave Flip Happy Crêpes without indulging. I had a harder time deciding on what dessert to get than entrée. The three of us agreed to share the brownie crepe w/dark chocolate sauce and chantilly cream ($4.00) and boy was it good. 

The crêpes at Flip Happy Crêpes are so good, you’ll have vultures waiting at your table. When Melissa, Chrissy, and I went, we had an obnoxious crow sitting there the whole time. He knew he’d be well-fed; these crêpes make people happy and happy people share. Flip Happy Crêpes has irregular hours so to see when they’re open, check out their blog: Flip Happy Crêpes.


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