Schlotzsky’s–Austin, Texas

I was driving around Grand Rapids I saw a green, white, and red sign. There was nothing written on it, but I knew and I was excited! I did not need words to tell me, I already knew, it was Schlotzsky’s. This was confirmed when I was in Battle Creek with some potential co-workers and when we ended up in Schlotzsky’s, I told them Schlotzsky’s originated in Austin and they told me that Grand Rapids did have them at one time but they closed.

Before my trip to Austin, I was talking to my friend AJ about restaurants he needed to try while he was in Austin. So food had been on my brain for quite some time, when is it not? There was a Twitter discussion about sandwiches–Subway vs. Jimmy John’s vs. Quizno’s. I threw in my two cents about Schlotzsky’s and I told AJ I was visiting one in Austin. He told me that was his first job, an interesting coincidence.

The main Schlotzsky’s on Lamar in south Austin is where you find the bakery and two Macs to use free of charge. I went to one up north. They’re all just has good because Schlotzsky’s has the best sandwich ever. Unfortunately, I did not take notes nor do I remember what I ate since that was in August. I can still remember the quality of bread. It’s crunchy but not like a crouton that it could be painful to eat with sensitive teeth and it’s firm as well as a little soft that you feel comforted eating it. The ingredients are always fresh and they make three sizes of sandwiches and one will be bound to fit your needs. You will not be disappointed so if you’ve got a second, go ahead and open a Schlotzsky’s in Grand Rapids please. Thank you. As the company slogan says, funny name, SERIOUS SANDWICH.


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  1. Judy Wang

    I like Schlotzsky’s too when I was in Austin 2003.

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