Brick Road Pizza–Grand Rapids, Michigan

Editor’s Note: Correction, this past weekend there was the soft opening and the grand opening is this coming Monday, November 17.

Brick Road Pizza is a wonderful addition to Wealthy Street. I love having more pizza parlors from which to pick.

There is a plethora or topping choices, only roasted garlic was not on there which makes me sad. There is an extensive vegan selection and vegan-friendly pizzas. Plus, there’s a Chicago-style pizza as well as a regular crust and a thin crust. Goodness, the selections, the combinations, the ingredients! Everything was fresh and the staff was friendly.

However, since it was the opening night, the staff seemed a little ill-prepared to run this pizza parlor but I imagine in time service will continue to improve. The owners and staff have a lot of heart and blood and sweat put into this restaurant, I could tell. The decor was an eclectic mix of styles and I’m not 100% sure what I think about the overall look. I will have to go in again and I will be there soon because of the pizza.

When you’re there, if you’re a big eater like me, order the 12″. I had a 7″ build-your-own pizza with chicken, red onions, and mild yellow peppers. I ate two slices there to save room for dessert which was disappointing and then went home to eat the last two within 10 minutes of being home.

The one major problem, and it’s major to me because I LOVE dessert and all things sugary, was the chocolate chip cookie was WAY WAY WAY too small to even share. I did offer some to my dining companion but only because I was being polite. I was relieved when he said no, it was TOO SMALL and really yummy! The chocolate chip cookie was warm and gooey and not overly sweet or lacking chocolate. It did not fill the pan. The waitress said the pan was hot and if the pan was hot, then obviously it was cooked in said pan. If they cooked it in that pan, then they should’ve cooked it to fit. I was even more disappointed because there was a picture on the menu that showed the dessert I ordered. (By the way, Gordon Ramsay says that he’ll walk out of a restaurant if he sees a menu with pictures. I did comment on that to my dining companion but I thought it would make the pizza more enticing. It made the dessert enticing but like I said, WAY TOO SMALL!)

So go to Brick Road Pizza and support your local businesses, even the landlords of the building are nice and supportive, but if you are going to order dessert, order two for yourself. Hours are Mon-Thurs 11-11 Fri-Sat 11-12 Sunday 11-9



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8 responses to “Brick Road Pizza–Grand Rapids, Michigan

  1. Cindy

    Thanks for stopping into Brick Road Pizza. I am sorry about the cookie. Late yesterday (Friday 11/14) we made the cookie look like the picture on the menu.
    You are very correct about the wait staff. We have already contracted for some intensive training for our staff, and I hope we can make it up to you by letting us try again!!!!
    One thing I am not sure of is how you attended our soft opening, when that was this past Thursday. Our Grand opening is not until Monday 11/17/2008? However being sleep deprived has caused some problems with my memory!!!!
    Our menu says that if there is a topping you like and it is not on the menu, we will try to get it for you next time, so if you are not so disappointed that you will come back again, ask for me and I will make sure that we have the roasted garlic, and a new improved cookie is on the house to anyone who was disappointed by the first one they had!!!

    Thank- you for your honest opinion and for keeping me on my toes!!!!!!!

    Cindy Talbert
    Owner Brick Road Pizza Co.

  2. Bob

    Out of curiosity, what does Mr. Ramsay have against picture menus?

  3. Ryan

    I’ve been to BRP a couple times now, as I have the pleasure of working right next door. The food was great, but the reason I’m responding is to comment on the quality of the people. I have no doubt that the people who created and work in this pizza joint will lead to its success and my adding another 20 pounds before my new year’s diet. Thank you for being friendly, and for the complimentary slice of apple walnut dessert pizza.

    And JGW, thanks for the review. I don’t like menu pictures either. Try the dessert pizza next time instead of the cookie. When can we expect the next review?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. JG


    Gordon Ramsay did not say in his episode of Kitchen Nightmares at Sebastian’s in California but I hypothesize it is because it shows a restaurant that is not as classy or well-established. I think he thinks the pictures are just a cheesy gimmick to entice the patrons. Thanks for the comment!

    JG Wang

  5. JG


    Hopefully you have seen my Salt Lick review. After my book review and review on several Austin restaurants, I will be writing about the Cottage Bar. I gave Brick Road Pizza a third shot as third time’s the charm and I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate chip cookie this time. The second time I had a 7″ pizza again and the third time I enjoyed my pizza at the Meanwhile. I’ll definitely try the dessert pizza. Thanks for the comment!

    JG Wang

  6. nok


    Last night was my first “dine-in” experience at Brick Road and I must say everything was fantastic from beginning to end. Adam E’s service and menu knowledge was impeccable. Our hard-core deep dish veggie was off the hook! I did not have room for dessert as our pie was amply endowed with the perfect amount of goodness, so I look forward to returning and trying this cookie. Having been involved in the restaurant world for quite some time I think it worth noting that a soft opening is much like a dress rehearsal. You might be lucky to be there but one might best be served by reserving character judgement until the curtain really goes up. How was the service on your two return visits?

  7. JG

    Service was still okay on the 2 return visits. I’ll still go again but I think it will be at least another month before I visit. However, I was going to go a few days ago with AJ and Brad until I remembered it was 9:15pm and Brick Road was closed. I even suggested the place to AJ. I’ll definitely suggest the place. As I heard through the grapevine they had previously had a vegetarian buffet and this soft opening was open to everyone. I heard about it on Twitter and it was just a matter of the restaurant having a health inspection and building inspection and that night they opened.

  8. Bob

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