Brick Road Pizza: Cookie Crisis Revisited

I visited Brick Road Pizza for the third time on Friday, November 28. I figured third time patronizing the restaurant would be a great time to give the chocolate chip cookie another shot.

My second trip to the pizzeria was for takeout and I got another 7″ inch pizza which was filling enough with the right toppings–chicken, zucchini, and red onions. This third trip was for food to eat at The Meanwhile Bar just up the road. I had a 12″ pizza with chicken, red onions, and roasted garlic; their pizzas are always good.

The chocolate chip cookie on the dessert menu was originally too small. It did not fill the pan it was cooked in. I love dessert too much to stay away, especially dessert with chocolate. This cookie filled the takeout box and ran up the sides. A warm, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie is complemented by the vanilla ice cream. My dining companions at The Meanwhile asked where the ice cream was from; it was that noteworthy. The cookie was almost perfection the first time but the size was its only downfall. Now, the cookie is perfect in size as well as taste.

Next I have to try their buffet as I’ve only heard good things. This establishment is well on its way to becoming a neighborhood favorite.


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  1. nok

    Yeah, but how was the service on these visits?

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