Friends don’t consider me pet friendly. I look at pets, especially dogs, with such disdain. I had a dog book that I would use to pick out the dog I wanted and I was always reading about animals.

Dogs used to follow me around Taiwan all the time. There are a lot of strays and of everyone in my family, they thought I would plead their case and take them home with me. However, the truth is, as a child I dreamt of having a dog or cat but I was not allowed. My mother would constantly remind me how much work it took to care for a dog and she would always remind me how she hated cats. I think children are even more work and I worked in childcare for seven years.

My father had two dogs growing up in Hsinchu. My mother had a cat growing up in Kaohsiung.

So my brother and I had one turtle, three parakeets, and two goldfish growing up.

Shelly was the land and water turtle that my brother got when he was five. We bought a pair of parakeets from a family who placed an ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Mila was my white with light blue spots and Woody was my brother’s standard issue parakeet. (It’s my way of saying he’s your typical mostly blue bird with white and black markings.) Then when Mila and Woody died, my brother bought Allen Hawkings who was a lime and lemon colored bird. He was more people friendly than Mila and Woody so you could pet him.

Then I had two identical goldfish that died overnight because of the lack of oxygen in their bowl. I loved them so much. I had them for less than 24-hours but I stared at them for an hour trying to decide which one looked like a sunset and which one looked like a sunrise. The orange-red one was Sunrise and the red-orange one was Sunset. I was in junior high and knowledgeable enough to know fish don’t sleep at upside down at the top of the bowl but I insisted they were sleeping.

Tell me about your pet. What was your favorite animal? Did you ever have that animal as a pet? I love penguins but I never had one as a pet, though I have resesarched it and still hope to someday. What was your craziest pet or pet antics?



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3 responses to “Pets

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  2. Well I am a dog person through and through though that might derive from my allergies to cats and inability to keep plants or fish alive too well.

    We had a dog named Whiskers when I was a kid and I still remember how he’d sit on a stool in the window and chase the flies and such that would be flying around nearby. He also hated the “crinkle” of paper when we got him so my parents figured what better way to keep him off the furniture while we were gone, spread newspaper pages across the couches and chairs he liked to sleep on. As it turned out he would make himself a sort of nest between the edges of the paper shoving it aside and curl up on the couch anyway if he thought he could get away with it. I still don’t remember how that habit was broken but I do know he eventually stayed off the couches.

  3. We have our beloved pooch Moonshadow currently, she’s mostly my dog, and she’s spoiled when it’s just her & I. We also have fish, but I’ve always wanted a lizard. When I was younger my mom wouldn’t allow it, and now that I’m an adult and know they eat crickets (gross) I have little interest in owning my own lizard.

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