The Cottage Bar–Grand Rapids, Michigan

A restaurant that has been open for 81 years such as The Cottage Bar has accomplished an amazing achievement in today’s economic status. But this restaurant has lasted for over eight decades because of its quality service and superior bar food.

Entering the restaurant after being outside underneath sunny skies, I was taken aback by the dark interior but sat down, joined my dining companion, and was approached by the waitress. A good waitstaff is attentive and ready to fill your glass and slip back into the scenery–do the job and move along without disrupting the conversation. I had a very attentive waitstaff and my glass was never empty long.

I ordered the Cottage burger ($6.95) which was served on a dark rye bun with lettuce, tomato, bacon, Swiss and American cheeses, hickory mayonnaise and to make it distinct, a layer of diced green olives. The burger was cooked as I ordered which can be a challenge. Medium to one person may be medium-rare to another person and clarification is always in order. The burger was juicy and the olives were detectable but not overpowering. If you absolutely hate olives, stay away but give it one shot. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. To complement the Cottage burger, I had the brew city fries. They were your standard fare waffle cut fries but being beer battered and slightly seasoned gave it some flavor but it wasn’t anything special.

I look forward to going back and trying the cherry burger, fried green beans, and broccoli cheddar poppers. The burgers here are the best. After all, if The Cottage Bar has lasted 81 years, the food has to keep bringing them back.


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  1. Judy Wang

    I’d like to go the Cottage Bar – Grand Rapids Michigan next time when I visit my daughter.

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