Bistro Bella Vita–Grand Rapids, Michigan

For a taste of the beautiful life in Grand Rapids, visit the Italian bistro that has it all–fresh.natural.local. Bistro Bella Vita has the food and the class of a fine establishment without the pretentious barrier.

The lunch specials make this a treasure in the downtown area. The interior suggests fine dining. But fine dining is not equated with quick service but equated with a meal to be savored.  However, the Bella Vita pasta pronto, quick as the name promises, costs $10.99, barely more than a Chinese lunch buffet but tastes ten times better. This special includes fountain pop, coffee, and ice tea with free refills. On Thursday, a Caesar salad is brought out with rotini con pollo filled to the brim of the dish. For those non-Italian speakers, rotini con pollo is spiral-shaped pasta with chicken and this dish is mixed with a pesto cream sauce. Paired with these two dishes is the tiramisu, lady fingers soaked in coffee and slathered with marscapone.

A bite of the Caesar salad and you know they mean it when they say fresh. The pasta is presented in a small dish but this is no small dish–it packs flavor and fills the stomach and leaves leftovers. To close with tiramisu as the dessert is a comforting end to a delightfully delicious and nutritious meal. It’s not the healthiest end but smooth and rich with flavor.

Each day brings a different treat; the pasta pronto is offered Monday through Friday with different combinations. Open seven days a week, you can go for lunch and dinner and still want more. Aside from their already large menu, there are gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free menu options. The menu is here to serve the patrons as are the servers who excel in this arena. This restaurant is a crowd pleaser and a tummy soother. Come for the food and stay for the atmosphere.



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3 responses to “Bistro Bella Vita–Grand Rapids, Michigan

  1. Chu Hai Mei

    Maybe Grand Rapids needs a better Chinese restaurant.

  2. Judy Wang

    I do hope that Grand Rapids have a better Chinese restaurant you can visit.

  3. Sounds fantastic! Wish I lived closer!

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