Books for Christmas

Christmas arrived a few days early. This week I received two books in the mail: We’re in This Boat Together and Lessons from San Quentin. I am looking forward to posting my reviews about them especially for the book Lessons from San Quentin. It’s my first advance reader copy that I received from a publishing company other than the one I used to work for.


We're in This Boat Together

From George, Brad, Brianna, and Nate are connected by their jobs; the four of them make up the IT department at Handover Corporation. They also represent four distinct generations the Silent Generation (1925-1942), Boomers (1943-1960), GenXers (1961-1981) and Millennials (1982-2002). They all have their own specialty and when the day is done they go their separate waysthat is, until the company sends them on a whitewater rafting trip to encourage team building. Surviving the rapids, they return to work to discover that their CEO is stepping down, sending the company into a tumultuous transition. They rely on the skills they have just learned in order to survive and remain in the boat together. This work of business fiction is written to help leaders of all types of organizations, as they deal with leadership succession between the generations. As the workplace continues to grow in diversity, with four generations firmly represented, evidence is growing that there are differences between the generations related to leadership values and behavior. Those dissimilarities create turbulence like that found in whitewater rapids. But there is a safe way to navigate through them. Regardless of the leadership transition you are facing, this book will equip you with practical skills to navigate it more successfully.


Lessons from San Quentin

From Real-estate entrepreneur Bill Dallas’s charmed life changed dramatically when he was charged, convicted, and sentenced to five years in prison for grand-theft embezzlement. Lessons from San Quentin tells the amazing true story of how one man’s life was changed for the better due to the hardships encountered at the legendary maximum-security prison. Using stories and reflections from life on the inside, Bill teaches 12 core principles that will inspire readers to use tough times to develop the character God wants them to have. Chapter headings include: (1) Life in the Median Strip; (2) I am H64741; (3) Embrace Your Trials; (4) Cling to Hope; (5) Express Yourself through Your Work; (6) Choose Sustaining Faith; (7) Get Your Self-Image Right; (8) Get Rid of Self-Absorption; (9) Shape Your Attitude; (10) Give Respect; (11) Persevere Until You “Get It”; (12) Let Life Come to You; (13) Make Life Simple; (14) Find Freedom in Forgiveness; (15) Life after Prison; (16) He Was Always in Control.


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