Marketplace Memos

Marketplace Memos

Marketplace Memos

Marketplace Memos written by father and son David Shibley and Jonathan Shibley is a series of 39 devotionals to guide the Christian in the business world. The three sections of the devotionals are: True Riches (Thinking Biblically about Money and Wealth), Kingdom Business (Your Marketplace Ministry), and Leaving a Legacy (For Christ, His Commission, and His Kingdom). After each devotional there is scripture to remember, a quote to reflect on, a prayer, and something to act on.

The meat of the material is Part II: Kingdom Business.  Part I: True Riches shows the dire need to care for one’s finances and Part III: Leaving a Legacy urges the reader to think about the big picture. I love financial books and I have read just about every book I can get my hands on in the subject so the material presented in Part I was not new to me. I thought there was a huge disconnect between Part I and Part II and the transition could have flowed better. I did not agree with everything written but I think that may have been a matter of communicating improperly their message. The only problem chapter that I found was Chapter 37: Your Greatest Asset. It is encouraging that these businessmen believe that family is a great asset but they are speaking to the businessMEN and not the businessWOMEN. The exclusion of women in this chapter is an egregious error on the authors’ part and if this book goes into second printing, it should be rectified.

However, I find this book to be a valuable gem about a subject not talked about enough or written about enough. How can you serve God in the business arena? Missionaries and pastors are not the only ones that impact the lives of others and their faith. This book will encourage any businessperson wondering what role he/she can play.

To read the first devotional, visit my previous post here.


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