Teazers Bar and Grille–Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have decided against reviewing this restaurant since the head cook at Teazers is my friend’s younger brother and I’m becoming friends with the head cook too. But the new menu unveiled after New Year’s from Teazers is something I am looking forward to seeing; I helped edit the menu. However, I realized too late how much power I had and failed to change a dish to “The JG”.

Here’s the link to get a feel for the place. All stripes of people come to Teazers and the vibe when I went was real chill. I look forward to going again soon and having my friend cook for me. What I will say about the food is that I got my friend hooked on Kitchen Nightmares and he in turn got his brother the head cook hooked as well. In other words, the head cook has high standards for his food and the B-Rad Wrap (crispy golden chicken wrapped in a flat bread, stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, bacon, and special chipotle ranch sauce) was made with the freshest ingredients and it was a delicious wrap. I do not like wraps and it was the first wrap that I could finish in a long time without picking apart and eating the insides or making me feel sick afterwards.

Come for the good crowd and stay for the fresh food.


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