Happy New Year’s (Resolutions)

If I write a New Year’s resolution, I will break it before the first month is over if I am fortunate. I will just continue to make my to do lists only now that it is on my blog I must follow through or suffer the consequences of being jeered and pointed at by cyberbullies.

January 2009 To Do List

  • Play piano everyday for 30 minutes, at least
  • Post a new blog everyday even if it is pre-scheduled
  • Try two new restaurants
  • Read two books
  • Extend my French correspondence course
  • Record lesson 2 oral exercises and send in lessons 3-7 for the French correspondence course
  • Play cello everyday for 15 minutes, at least
  • Begin ear training and jazz theory
  • Complete a Chinese (traditional or simplified) lesson a week
  • Submit 5 poems to a publication
  • Write 2 new poems and edit 1 older poem
  • Attend a Negative Spaces poetry reading or a UICA writer’s group

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One response to “Happy New Year’s (Resolutions)

  1. Judy Wang

    I didn’t know that you play cello, have fun.

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