Hermann’s European Café–Cadillac, Michigan

This was my first trip to Cadillac, Michigan. I visited Cadillac, Michigan Travel Guide for ideas on what to do for my trip visiting with a friend. I found Hermann’s European Café to have many positive reviews. My friend was excited because Chef Hermann was on a local tv station in Petoskey with his own show. I was excited to see the menu and the fine European dishes.

The restaurant was decorated to be the fanciest restaurant in Cadillac. Cloth napkins rolled and folded in half stuck out of goblets that looked like a candle. It was a little gawdy and presentation could have been better but they tried. The menu showed Chef Hermann’s range of ability but the entrées all reflected on the chef’s European influence.

My friend had the gooey burger, half-pound of ground beef with sautéed mushrooms and onions on a kaiser roll served with steak fries ($8.95 with extra $0.50 for cheese). He spread so much ketchup on it, with every bite, the burger bled. Then he added insult to injury and dipped the burger in ketchup. But it looked juicy and good if I’m ever in Cadillac again, I will try a burger. Actually, I will go back for all the European dishes. It’s hard to find good German or Austrian food in Grand Rapids.

I had the ahi burger, sashimi-grade tuna with three onion rings and wasabi mayonnaise ($11.95) cooked to the perfect medium rare. However, it appeared to be an open face sandwich which made it messy to eat. The bread fell apart underneath the tuna and the slaw of vegetables between the tuna and the sandwich made the bread soggy. I enjoyed the sesame seeds coated in copious amounts on the tuna.The onion rings aren’t European so I forgive Chef Hermann for cooking onion rings that fell apart too easily.

The dessert was the divine part of this meal that made this trip worth it. I had the Milky Way cake. It was a hard chocolate coating to the layered cake of chocolate and caramel. Pardon me, but it was out of this world!

If you’re in the area, try one of the European entrées at Hermann’s European Café.


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