Millionaire Women Next Door

Millionaire Women Next Door

Millionaire Women Next Door

Millionaire Women Next Door is as good as its predecessor Millionaire Next Door. It’s so good you don’t need to read Millionaire Next Door (and vice versa). Millionaire Women Next Door profiles women have a net worth of over a million dollars. These women aren’t necessarily the celebrities and businesswomen listed on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world. These women as the book states live next door and often aren’t known to be millionaires. The book explains how these women arrived to their financial status–their spending habits and their mindset.

The book shows with evidence after many studies that women who are millionaires spend less than one expects a millionaire to spend. It is shown with numbers that the Hollywood image of spending lavishly on cars, jewelry, and houses do not apply to these women. There is also a fascinating section on alpha women and beta women. It defines these two women and shows how both are equally capable of achieving the millionaire status. I love this book because I am intrigued by finances and I received my BA in psychology so statistics and stories speak to me.

Millionaire Next Door is an excellent book that Millionaire Women Next Door references a lot but much of the material is the same. If you are a woman confused about finances, read this book and rest assured, you’re not alone. Some women in the book have always had a firm grip on finances but many of the women realized later in life that they needed to do something and the result of taking control of their finances put them in an independent financial status. The millionaire women do not have six-figure salaries but use what they have to achieve independence.

This is a book that will remain on my bookshelf. It’s worth the space and I will read it over and over again in years to come.


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  1. This is a really great post. I like your style & relevant content. I look forward to reading more further down the track. All the best!

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