More Books!

I forgot I ordered more books for blog tours. So last night I was thrilled to see packages sitting on the dining room table. As you’ve noticed from my book reviews, I prefer to read non-fiction books. I decided to give fiction another chance. Here are the books I got yesterday. Of course one book is non-fiction and about finance, surprise surprise!

Milk Money

Milk Money

Milk Money: When her dad dies, Emily Cooper must work hard to save the family farm. She manages-until the day a CPA pulls in her driveway and announces he’s there to do an audit. Franklin Reese is appalled at the lack of interest the Cooper women have in the financial aspect of their livelihood, but he dives in, determined to help them learn. The further he looks into Mr Cooper’s dealings, however, the more uncomfortable he becomes. Can he uncover the truth of the situation and still earn the love of the amazing Emily Cooper? Or will issues in Franklin’s own life keep them apart, even after the farm is taken care of?

John's Quest

John's Quest

John’s Quest: Overnight, Monica Crawford finds her neatly organized world turned upside down. Her sister abandons her blind son, Scotty, leaving him on Monica’s doorstep. Caring for a handicapped child brings unexpected conflict–but unexpected joy as well.

When John French volunteers to tutor Scotty, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Monica. But John and Monica are very different. She is a strong believer, determined to live her life for Christ. John is an agnostic who wants nothing to do with God.

Will John see the light? Will Monica realize that sometimes letting go of a dream is the way to achieve it? Only in full surrender will either of them be happy–whether they end up together or alone.

Surviving Financial Meltdown

Surviving Financial Meltdown

Surviving Financial Meltdown: answers the questions that keep you up at night:
• What should I do if my job seems to be in jeopardy?
• Should I take my money out of the stock market?
• What steps should I take if I’m behind on my house payments?
• Where can I save money as the cost of living keeps going up?

This indispensable guide also offers a six-step plan that will lead your family to economic health. Based on scriptural wisdom and time-tested truth, these principles transcend the gloom and doom of cable and Internet pundits and give you proven strategies to strengthen your family’s number one economic indicator: your own checkbook.

Learn why you don’t need to fear tough economic times—and why there may be no better time than now to take control of your family’s financial well-being.



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2 responses to “More Books!

  1. Glad to see that my books arrived!

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