The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

Photo by Brian Merwin

Photo by Brian Merwin

A chocolate chip cookie sundae is a dessert standard at every chain. It is forgettable comfort food.

Brick Road Pizza puts a lot of attention into their chocolate chip cookie sundae. This cookie, made by the local establishment, is served in a black pan that it was baked in. Hot out of the oven, the chocolate chip cookie sundae is topped with a perfectly dome shaped scoop of ice cream to balance the heat. With a drizzle of chocolate syrup, the dish is ready to be devoured.

I had my cookie after a nice mile and a half walk in the snow. But I had been craving the chocolate chip cookie sundae since I had it a month ago. This is comfort food at its best. The other time I had this cookie, it was soft throughout. This time, the cookie was soft in the middle but the 1/4″ inch edge of the cookie was hard but not burnt. It was the perfect cookie!

The problem I see with soft cookies is if they are soft, they are often undercooked. It is a challenge to produce a soft cookie that is cooked throughout but not overly doughy.

I vote this cookie the best cookie served to me in a restaurant ever!


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