Assaulted By Joy

Assaulted by Joy written by Steven W. Simpson is about a man’s journey from his relationship with his heavenly Father to becoming a father himself. Simpson describes in first person his struggles from accepting Christ at age 7, the bunny trail he took away from God, and the path that eventually takes him to Fuller Theological Seminary.

I was told by my friend who gave me this advance reader copy that it was targeted towards women who have husbands with young children. But since I was suggesting it to other bloggers, I wanted to read a copy.

I loved this book. Of course I was less interested in the section when Simpson was expecting kids since I don’t have my own, but his openness regarding his marital problems gave me great understanding into the male psyche. I love kids so my interest picked up when the kids were born. But the whole section on pregnancy did not strike my fancy.

This book is more than an interesting story. While an easy read, I am learning about extending grace to men. I would recommend this book. Happy reading!


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