MadCap Coffee–Grand Rapids, Michigan

First Cappuccino for JG in a Decade

First Cappuccino for JG in a Decade

I love MadCap Coffee and it hasn’t even opened yet! Love coffee? Come in and watch the coffee beans roasting in the basement. Order a 12-oz. cup of cafe miel, (mee-EL’) latte with honey and cinnamon at the custom-made bar. The furniture and lighting are designed to match, light colored wood, clean lines, no frills, modern. Two columns, a few feet apart from each other, sit in the middle of the shop.

French press or Chemex®, coffee from MadCap is an art form, not just a liquid drug full of jolt. If you order a latte, you are enjoying milk that comes from a dairy farm right here in Michigan. The coffee beans are grown on a farm that the owner has visited. The tea is not pre-packaged in bags. That would be blasphemous; at least this tea drinker would be sad. The tea is distributed out of Wisconsin. The masala chai comes in concentrated form but is spicier than sweet. (Please remember that chai is the Hindi word for tea, thus chai tea is redundant.)

Now for my coffee experience. I have not had coffee in a decade. I don’t have an iron stomach. But I heard about coffee with low acidity. It amazed me when I made this request, the barista knew what I was talking about and didn’t just make me a drink based off of a recipe card.

My first drink was a cappuccino and I had no reaction except delight and a strong jolt of caffeine. But I didn’t drink a 16-oz. You’ll notice on the menu, most drinks don’t have size options. They are 12-oz. and you do not need more. If you’re a 7-cup a day drinker, try just one cup of MadCap Coffee. It is further proof that “quality, not quantity” is what matters. My second cup was a café mocha and boy was it good. I took it to go in a cup made from recycled paper. I even drove off without a lid and didn’t spill a drop. I figure not using that plastic will help the environment–less plastic to be manufactured. Then the owner mentioned composting as much material as possible.

Did I mention the art? There are pictures on the walls of the coffee bean farms. But the art in the drink, wow. All the baristas are competitive either in barista competitions or latte art competitions. I had to take pictures to show off their talent, even with my old cell phone camera.

How many coffee shops in Grand Rapids offer art in a drink? Hopefully, they will be open on Friday. Stop in and stay a while.

Love for MadCap (Café Mocha)

Love for MadCap (Café Mocha)



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5 responses to “MadCap Coffee–Grand Rapids, Michigan

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  2. Judy Wang

    I don’t drink coffee at all but when I have a chance to visit local writer JG next time, I hope that she will take me to MadCap Coffee and enjoy the coffee together.

  3. Great! Thank you!
    I always wanted to write in my blog something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Regards, Reader

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