The Winchester–Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Winchester will liven up Cherry Hill. I visited The Winchester on Thursday for lunch with a friend; they had their soft opening on Wednesday. The grand opening is not yet set. Located at Wealthy and James, the cuisine is American with a fresh twist. I mean the food is FRESH! They do not serve boring, old potato chips. They serve plantain chips or substitute yucca fries. (Insight into this food reviewer: I love food; I will try anything once. But I hate potato chips.)

I used to live on James and now I want to move back. I had the pulled pork bbq sandwich with onion rings sandwiched between the toasted buns. The barbeque sauce was made in house; it was sweet and slightly spicy. The bun was small but the sandwich was stuffed with pork. Plantain chips and a pickle come with every dish. So the side dishes balanced the main entrée and I was full. Order the salsa with the plantain chips. It will give the chips some bite and even more flavor. I also had a bowl of the chef’s blue ribbon-winning green chili with chicken. The chili has a bite that clears the passageways and is felt throughout the mouth, not just at the tip of the tongue.

My friend had a fried egg sandwich with bacon. He was asked how he wanted his egg. We found that odd as anything less than hard would make the bread soggy. We exchanged sandwiches to get a taste. I thought his sandwich was cooked perfectly. I don’t like eggs and yet I find any dish with a hard egg appetizing. The egg, cheese, and bacon melted together for an egg sandwich ten times better than any egg sandwich from McDonald’s.

I will be back just to try the new and improved egg sandwich from Winchester and leave the McDonald’s substitute behind.



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2 responses to “The Winchester–Grand Rapids, Michigan

  1. Paul

    Thank you for stopping in the other day. It’s always great to hear someone has a pleasurable experience at the Winchester, no matter if it’s to stop in for food, drinks (hopefully soon), food to go, or conversation with staff or fellow patrons.

    I did want to add that our award winning chili is made in house, along with many of our menu items, but done so with pork. Much like the pork for the pulled pork sandwhich and carnitas, it’s slow cooked (4 + hours) to almost melt in your mouth.

    Our beef, chicken, pork, and fish is never frozen, always fresh. We get all of our meats from a local market, Sobie Meats, it’s hormone and steriod free, grass fed, and butchered the day before we receive it. The fish we receive from Fortune Fish of Chicago, IL and flown in daily to Superior Seafood. The plantain chips and yuca fries are also made in house.

    The cooking and food prep is a long process, but worth it in the types of food we’re able to present for patrons, and hopefully you can taste the difference. We’re excited about opening and being a part of the resurgance along Wealthy St. Unlike McDonald’s, I think we’d be happy not to say “billions and billions served.”

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