John’s Quest

John's Quest

John's Quest

John’s Quest, by Cecelia Dowdy, is my first Christian fiction book in months. Before this book, I read only one other Christian fiction series. And before that, I did not read Christian fiction. I gave the book a chance because of the description I read from an e-mail I received about the blog tour.

This book is about Monica Crawford who is left with nephew after her sister abandons him to follow a man into the circus. Monica enlists help for her nephew, Scotty, and meets John. Monica and John are from two different worlds–Monica’s a strong believer and John is agnostic. Yet, Monica finds herself drawn to John. How will she deal with all these uprooting events and new emotions?

Everyone in the story is challenged to change. The book is an easy read; the language and situation is not blown out of proportion or exaggerated like many novels about romance. I found it dragged on a little but otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed reading my first Christian fiction book in months. I look forward to reading Milk Money which sounds equally interesting; also by the same author.


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