Milk Money

Milk Money

Milk Money

This is the second Cecelia Dowdy book I read in a month. I enjoyed it but I still preferred the first book I read, John’s Quest, more.

Emily is a dairy farmer who lives with her stepmother, Laura. After her father passed away, Emily is left handling the farm while her stepmother is away. Laura has hired an accountant, Frank, to help the family after her husband passed away. There is obvious chemistry between Emily and Frank that is apparent immediately. However, Emily and Frank both have issues from their past they have to work out. Emily’s a devout Christian and Frank’s a doubter. Will the two find happiness together with conflicting beliefs?

I liked this book but felt it got dry at times. I think I preferred the drama of John’s Quest more. The character Frank bothered me. He was too whiny. He was not willing to change and I did not feel he had as much to overcome as John, the character from John’s Quest. I mean in terms of dealing with alcoholism, I found his denial annoying.

But I was very happy when Monica and John from John’s Quest made an appearance in the book. Read John’s Quest and then Milk Money to find out what happened. Both books are highly readable.


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