Paperback Swap

Today I just sent off two more books through Paperback Swap. I get books for free and someone else gets the books that I finished reading. I get lightly used books this way that I know I’m interested in but would never spend money on. I have already mailed off a dozen books and I received one book.

Thanks to media mail, shipping is never more than $3 a book. Because I already get free books, then get to send them off and get more books in the mail, I pretty much get 2 books for $3. You can’t beat a book for $1.50. The only better solution is the library which I frequent often. However, as accomodating as the Michigan libraries are, there are a lot of books I still can’t get. Check out Paperback Swap. If you sign up, my user name is jgwang and I get credit for referring you.


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