Good Books Come in Threes

I received this package of three books in the mail this week. I was thrilled! I didn’t see a blogger list so I was sad. The blogger list is like that sheet of paper posted on the wall after an audition of who made the cut and the feeling for me, especially when it’s a book I really want to read, is intensenervousness. Here are the three books I received in the mail for blog tours on a theme of love and marriage:

The Love as a Way of Life

The Love as a Way of Life

The Love as a Way of Life was written by Gary Chapman and Elissa Stanford. The synopsis on Barnes & Noble says: The daily readings capture God’s wisdom and direction in practicing the seven traits of a loving person. Compelling stories and biblical illustrations will show you how to live out the characteristics of kindness, patience, forgiveness, courtesy, humility, generosity, and honesty.

These ninety short devotionals–perfect for reading on your own, with your spouse, or with a friend over coffee–deliver the inspiration and encouragement you need to make love a lasting habit.

I Do Again

I Do Again

I Do Again was written by Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs. Here is a synopsis from the Barnes & Noble website: Ten disappointing years of marriage. Seven painful years of divorce. One remarkable, true-life story of a love rescued by God. I Do Again reveals the hidden secrets that slowly destroyed [their] marriage and the spiritual awakening that opened the way to healing. A riveting account of the power of prayer and redemption, this remarkable book offers renewed hope for even the most troubled marriages–and reveals why the rewards of restoration are well worth the wait.

For Couples Only

For Couples Only

For Couples Only is a boxed set of two books: For Women Only written by Shaunti Feldhahn and For Men Only written by Jeff Feldhahn. A synopsis from Barnes & Noble’s website says: In 2004, For Women Only burst onto the scene to rave reviews from women who were thrilled to finally discover the truth of what men are really thinking about. Two years later, For Men Only provided an eye-opening counterpoint, with straightforward revelations for men about the seemingly mysterious ways of the opposite sex.


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