Indian Cuisine–Grand Rapids, Michigan

Less a than year since its opening, Chez Bayou has closed. Welcome another Indian restaurant to the area. Are three restaurants too much? Indian Cuisine, Palace of India, and Bombay Cuisine are all within a few miles of each other. Time will tell. Hopefully, Indian Cuisine won’t fall victim of the economy like Chez Bayou.

I went the second day the restaurant was open for the first week opening special, buffet for $5.30. In January, I was going to interview the owner of Chez Bayou for an article and by February 4th, Indian Cuisine was open.

The turnaround was swift; the color scheme and furnishing are reminiscent of the French Quarter. New Orleans is alive and well in Grand Rapids only; Cajun food is dead in Grand Rapids and has been replaced with the ubiquitous Indian fare.

For buffet that was $5.30, it was delicious and hit the spot. The buffet as far as buffets go was slightly subpar. The spread lacked spice and flair providing Indian buffet standards for the inexperienced palate. The butter chicken was the highlight, exceptionally creamy but everything was lukewarm.

Service was exceptional and attentive. The friendly staff will keep me coming back as I watch the restaurant transform into a hot spot for Indian food in Eastown. And hopefully the food will get hotter in spice level and temperature.


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  1. Do you put these reviews on yelp?

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