3:10 to Yuma: The Original Vs. The Remake

I always try to watch the original first. I prefer reading books before the movie comes out. I am always comparing two things. I always prefer the original because it is original. Granted there aren’t many original ideas in the world now.

You’ve Got Mail was a remake of The Shop Around the Corner. Guess Who was a remake of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

I preferred the original, released in 1957 whereas my friend preferred the remake half a century later in 2007. I am not a fan of westerns but I prefer romanticized films from that time period. My friend likes realistic films and the ending of the remake fit.

One black and white film versus one color film and the story was the same. The promiscuity of the bar maid was the same in 1957 as 2007. As mentioned, the ending was different. The actors of course were different but they were big celebs nonetheless in their own times. The ending and the actors are what will make someone choose one version over the other. But for me, and this is from my friend that prefers the remake, “All good films are in black and white.” and I agree.

3:10 to Yuma may be the exception for my friend preferring the color remake over the black and white original. I prefer the black and white version because westerns are older films. Very few westerns are made these days. Black and white films are equated with older films. Even Pleasantville seemed classier and older when it came out in black and white. So there you have it, I prefer the original because of the color in which it comes.


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