JG’s 25 Food Quirks

  1. I like plantains but I hate bananas. I remember first eating banana chips when I was 5. Yes, I know about potassium, that’s K on the periodic table.
  2. I will not eat popcorn unless I am at home. I do not need popcorn to get stuck in my teeth when I am out in public. There’s enough food to get lodged in my teeth; popcorn’s just vicious to get out.
  3. I am lactose intolerant but that doesn’t stop me. I just take Lactaid and drink lactose free milk at home. I will order a soy chai though.
  4. I do not like to buy soy milk because nothing can compare to the soy milk I got in Taiwan or the soy milk my father made.
  5. I rarely ask what I’m eating. I can usually tell even if I’ve never had it before. If  I can’t tell, I was raised to just eat what was on my plate.
  6. I tried to be a vegetarian in 6th grade but everything had animal fat. I loved eating powdered doughnuts. I tried again in 9th grade but my parents were afraid I would not get enough nutrition from the pesticide sprayed vegetables in Taiwan.
  7. I don’t like tofu, egg rolls, or fortune cookies. But I always try to get my fortune out of the fortune cookie without breaking it.
  8. Dairy and fruit do not mix. I make an exception for chocolate covered strawberries which I avoided until college.
  9. I love butter. There is never enough butter to spread on that roll or slice of bread.
  10. I was afraid of salmonella from raw eggs so I did not eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough until last year. However, I grew up eating hot pot and the sauce was Chinese barbeque sauce (that includes dried shrimp) and raw eggs.
  11. When I did not want to eat dinner, usually Chinese food, my mother made me steak, well done. It was delicious but now I have enough sensibility to not order my steak well done.
  12. I don’t like bubble tea but I think everyone should try it once. I can’t stand the tapioca pearls.
  13. I have eaten mealworm cookies.
  14. Strange foods in my family: chicken feet, fish eyeballs, swallow spit.
  15. I like milk chocolate better than dark chocolate.
  16. I am determined to teach everyone the difference between sweet potato and yams.
  17. I hate ketchup.
  18. I prefer mayo. I love mayo with cold bamboo shoots and mayo with french fries.
  19. I have favorite colors: I prefer red and purple Skittles, red Starbursts, and blue and purple Sweettarts. For pixy stix, I prefer: red, blue, and purple.
  20. I make faces when my egg is half cooked. I will eat hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and raw egg but when it’s half fried, no. But if the menu says fried and the yolk is still runny, I will just grin and bear it.
  21. I don’t like chocolate milk unless it’s warm. I drank warm chocolate goat’s milk in Taiwan.
  22. I once loved Reese’s peanut butter cups. Now I can’t even eat one.
  23. I hate potato chips. I love potatoes in fried form baked potato skins and french fries.
  24. I grew up eating sushi and sashimi so unlike my friends, I can not recall my first sushi eating experience.
  25. I don’t like ham but I love chicken cordon bleu which includes ham.


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3 responses to “JG’s 25 Food Quirks

  1. Judy Wang

    The quirk no. 9:
    Can you use cream cheese instead of butter to spread on your bread ?

  2. Judy Wang

    Hey, please come to Taiwan for a visit and enjoy the soy milk.

  3. bobbyjack34

    i like it its very nice

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