I eat out and read more than I realized. So I am splitting up the two blogs again. I will be back soon. But right now, I am focusing on how to raise awareness of Parsley Mediterranean Grille’s gross misuse of styrofoam. The quality of food in this city is not at question. The issue lately has been customer service. Too many restaurant owners and managers have walked away when a customer complains in person. So much for not being passive aggressive, the owner and managers of places like Blue Water Grille and Parsley would rather walk away than improve themselves.  Anyway, more on these recent events on the new blog. Stay tuned and may you enjoy your dining experience.


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  1. I walked by Parsley’s yesterday. There was a line out the door, but every customer (even those eating AT the restaurant) had 2 pieces of styrofoam MINIMUM. Main course in one, side dish in another, drink in another. I got sick to my stomach and walked down to the Pita House instead. I will not eat at Parsley’s and will encourage others to do the same until this is changed!

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