About JG Wang


I was raised in the Midwest to Taiwanese parents who have always exposed me to a diverse array of food, books, films, and culture. This blog is my place to write about what I like and what I dislike.

I love learning more about finance and foreign languages. I prefer non-fiction over fiction and I love to eat. I am always thinking about food and when I am not thinking about food, I am eating food. My love of music runs deep; I play piano and have to work with background noise and music.


5 responses to “About JG Wang

  1. Cool beans! Looking forward to the journey with you:-)

  2. Can’t miss that about page! Glad to be here!

  3. Hello Ms Wang

    We are in process of launching an online social media/network platform, for which we are looking for contributors who wish to blog on socially and culturally relevant contemporary issues. Through this platform we intend to raise awareness of our audience – film-makers, film-lovers and conscious/global citizens. Audience for this platform will be similar to the size and growth of our other platform, which we have launched just 180 days back /www.cultureunplugged.com/index.php/ In short time, it has reached 375,000+ visitors, in 6300+ cities,168+ countries till date. (audience for this non-commercial, film-festival platform is doubling every 30 days). We hope that you will join us to publish/converse and connect with not only global audiences but also film-makers/artists/activists from transforming world-regions of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    Thank you,


  4. CJ

    Hi JG!
    ..just wanted to let you know that if you login to PBS & go to http://www.paperbackswap.com/spread_the_word.php (click on personalize link) then your referral code automatically gets included in the link- that way people don’t have to remember your username so you’ll definitely get credit for referrals. -enjoy!

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