The Precarious Relationship

Every now and then I will deviate from my regular reviews. This is still related to books. I know I also love to talk about food but books are equally important.

I have been on the receiving end of books to review. This is new for me. I sent out many more books in my former job. I sent out an e-mail to bloggers and I received responses from many bloggers right away. I thanked them for their interest and told them if they e-mailed in time for a copy of the book.

Most bloggers were gracious whether or not they received a book. However, there were the exceptions. Free books sent out in exchange for free publicity. Both parties involved should be grateful. But I recall not once, but twice, receiving an e-mail responding to a book I was sending out. Within 24 hours, two bloggers e-mailed me again to make sure I got the e-mail. They both found me on other social networking sites and asked me again, they “just wanted to be sure.”

Where is the logic in sending out an e-mail to see if the first e-mail was received? Technology is great but sometimes one e-mail will go through and the other won’t. Sometimes both won’t go through. So why e-mail to see if the first e-mail goes through?

I never said anything because they were giving me free publicity and fair is fair. The people who respond first get a book. But will they really market the book when it appears all they want is a free book?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Obviously their actions show the books are more important to them. After all, with this economy or not, everyone loves a free book.

So bloggers, remember when you e-mail or communicate with a publicist or the internet marketing department of a publishing company, e-mail once, communicate once. Don’t be pushy. That book you want so badly is a gift. Sure you have to read it and review it but if you didn’t like reading so much you wouldn’t be offering to get this book. Worry about not having enough time to read? Every company’s structure and job positions and titles are different. Maybe the person you contacted has other responsibilities that are more important. They may not have enough time to formulate individual responses or respond to your overzealous requests.

Everyone wants a free book, EVERYONE. If you sent a request in time for a book, you will get it. Be patient and be grateful.


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